Why is Joe Trohman quitting American rock band, Fall Out Boy, ahead of new album

Lead guitarist of the American rock band, Fall Out Boy, Joe Trohman has announced that he would be quitting the band before the release of their new album So Much (for) Stardust. The musician has been a part of the rock group since its creation in 2001. The group’s other members are drummer Andy Hurley, bassist Pete Wentz, and lead vocalist Patrick Stump. Their next album which is yet to be released is titled So Much (for) Stardust. Scroll on to know why Trohman has decided to quit the American rock band ahead of the release of the album So Much (for) Stardust. 

Why is Joe Trohman quitting the rock bank Fall Out Boy? 

Joe Trohman announced his decision to temporarily leave the band in a social media post, which the group shared on 18 January. Trohman’s announcement was accompanied with a picture of him playing the guitar. He also gave justification for leaving the American rock band. Trohman said he needs a break from the band since his mental health has gotten worse over the years.

Fall Out Boy New Album Release Date 

The first track from Fall Out Boy’s next album (So Much (for) Stardust), Love From the Other Side, was made available earlier on Wednesday. Fall Out Boy’s eighth studio album, So Much (For) Stardust, will be released on 24 March. Ahead of the album’s promotion, which includes a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, Trohman seems to be distancing away from the project marketing. Joe Trohman thanked his family and bandmates for understanding and embracing this painful, but necessary decision. Check the first track from Fall Out Boy’s next album, Love From the Other Side. 

Fall Out Boy songs 

With songs like Sugar, We’re Goin Down, and Dance, Dance from their debut album From Under the Cork Tree, Fall Out Boy quickly rose to fame in the rock music industry. After that, the band put out the albums Infinity on High in 2007 and Folie à Deux: in 2008 before deciding to take a break from the group to focus on their individual projects. Save Rock and Roll was published by Fall Out Boy in 2013, American Beauty/American Psycho was released in 2015, and Mania was released in 2018. 

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