White house wedding for US president Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi

For the historic and press-free wedding of his granddaughter Naomi on Saturday, President Joe Biden invited guests to the White House. Naomi Biden, a 28-year-old lawyer in Washington, is marrying Peter Neal, 25, also an attorney. Naomi Biden is the daughter of Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

It is not unheard of for weddings to be decked with white flowers at the presidential home with America’s most prestigious address, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

There have reportedly been 18 weddings at the estate, including that of Pete Souza, Barack Obama’s personal photographer, and Tricia Nixon, daughter of Richard Nixon.

According to the association, the White House has also hosted receptions for weddings that were place elsewhere four times, including that of George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna in 2008. But, this is the first time a president’s granddaughter is being married there.

On her Instagram account, which also includes pictures of her family, travels, and daily life, Naomi Biden announced her engagement in September.

Biden is quite close to his grandkids, who nickname him Pop and are frequently seen with him, even at certain important engagements.

The name Naomi is a tribute to the president’s first daughter, who perished in a vehicle accident in 1972 when she was just a newborn and together with his first wife.

(With inputs from agencies)

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