Watch: Throwback video of 16-year-old Sonu Nigam performing live goes viral, fans

Sonu Nigam’s repertoire of work can’t be said in just one breath. His contribution to Indian music industry is also unmatched. In a three decade long career, Sonu has lent his magical voice to actors of almost every generation in films across languages and genres. His experimentation in composing and writing lyrics is equally celebrated. But there’s one facet that we love to talk about is his worldwide fandom.

Sonu’s fans never miss an opportunity to celebrate the gifted singer’s music. That’s exactly what happened this morning as well when the versatile singer’s fan group shared a priceless throwback video of Sonu at the age of 16. In the video, a teenage Sonu can be seen performing on stage while his magical voice seems out of the world.

Check out the video here:

As soon as the video was shared it went viral instantly as fans hailed the innocence in Sonu’s teenage voice. One fan wrote, “Same melodious voice then and now ….even singing style is same too and magic of that voice is same too.” One user called the celebrated singer ‘ultimate universal God of music’.

Sonu has often been hailed for his cross-generational appeal and genre-bending voice. To this, the iconic singer had once said, “I don’t take credits, I just believe in my good fortune. My good fortune is that I am open-minded, I listen to everybody. I take good qualities from everyone, younger or older, male or female. I listen to them, I observe, take the minute details and then I steal it. You have to be a thief to become rich in your craft and trust me, you won’t be penalised for it.”

The popular singer’s last Bengali song ‘Mukti Dao’ was for Dev and Prosenjit-starrer ‘Kacher Manush’. The emotionally-drenched song won many a million hearts, especially due to Sonu’s magical voice.

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