WATCH: PM Modi Gets Emotional On Hearing Visually Impaired Man’s Daughter’s Dream During Event

New Delhi: The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, became emotional while speaking to a beneficiary of government schemes in Gujarat during the ‘Utkarsh Samaroh’ event in Bharuch, Gujarat, on Thursday. The beneficiary, Ayub Patel, told the Prime Minister about his daughter’s dream of becoming a doctor, hearing which Modi was touched. 

The Prime Minister told Patel, “Let me know if you need any help to fulfil the dream of your daughters.”

Patel had told Modi that once he took an eye drop in Saudi Arabia, following which he started suffering from vision problems. On being asked what the doctor says now, Patel said there is no solution to his vision problem, and that he is suffering from glaucoma. According to Patel, only five per cent of his vision remains. 

Then, Modi asked Patel: “Do you educate your daughters?”

Replying in the affirmative, Patel said one of his daughters is in the 12th standard, while the other two are in the eighth and first standards. He said that his elder daughters have been receiving scholarships from the government every year, since Modi became the Prime Minister. 

Modi asked Patel how much scholarship his daughters receive, to which he replied that his eldest daughter receives Rs 10,000 per month, while the girl in the eighth standard receives Rs 8,000 per month. 

Then, the Prime Minister asked Patel what his daughters want to become in life. Patel replied that his daughter’s results have just come, and that she secured 80 per cent marks. He said that she wants to become a doctor. 

Hearing this, the Prime Minister smiled, and asked Patel if his daughter was also a part of the event. 

Patel said that his daughter had come, and asked the Prime Minister to give her his blessings. Modi said his blessings are always there, and asked the girl her name.

Patel’s daughter said her name is Alia, after which Modi asked her what made her want to become a doctor. Alia replied, “Seeing Papa’s problem”, and then stopped midway as she became tearful. Patel told Modi that Alia will not be able to speak as she has become emotional. 

The Prime Minister too, became emotional, and paused for a few seconds after learning why Patel’s daughter wants to become a doctor.

After remaining speechless for some time, Modi told Patel’s daughter that her “empathy” is her “strength”. 

Then, the Prime Minister asked Patel whether he and his family are vaccinated against Covid-19, to which Patel replied that they have taken both doses of the vaccine. He said that his daughters received their vaccines at school. 

Modi asked Patel how Ramzan and Eid went, and asked the latter what he gave his daughters on Eid. Patel replied Ramzan and Eid went well. 

Modi asked Patel to help fulfil his daughter’s dream. “Let me know if you face any difficulty,” the Prime Minister told Patel.

Modi told Patel that he is very happy to see that the latter and his family are vaccinated, and are making good use of government schemes. Modi was touched by the fact that Patel’s difficulty gave his daughter the inspiration to become a doctor. The Prime Minister once again emotional as he told Patel that the latter has turned his ailment into his strength, and had given his daughters good education. 

The Utkarsh Samaroh event was organised to mark the 100 per cent saturation of four key state government schemes in the district which will help provide timely financial assistance to those in need.

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