WATCH | Indian Navy’s Guided Anti-Submarine Missile Engages With Low Flying Target

New Delhi: The Indian Navy successfully tested its anti-submarine stealth frigate that engaged with a low flying target with its SAM system, the Indian Navy said on Thursday. The video of the test was also shared by the Navy on its official Twitter handle. 

Along with the video, it wrote, “All in a days work! Watch #YourNavy’s guided-missile anti-submarine stealth frigate do what it does best – successfully engage a low flying target with its SAM system, reaffirming the mantra of her crew, HIT FIRST! HIT HARD! Congrats to the team for a text book bullseye🎯 BZ!”

The 30-sec video shared by the Navy shows the launch of the missile to engage with a low flying target somewhere in the Indian ocean. 

Last week, the Indian navy, in association with Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) conducted a flight test of an indigenously-developed Naval Anti-Ship Missile launched from a Naval Helicopter from Integrated Test Range (ITR), Chandipur off the coast of Odisha.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Captain Abhilasha Barak became the first woman combat aviator in the Indian Army.

According to a report by news agency PTI, the officials said, she has been awarded the coveted ‘wings’ along with 36 Army pilots by the director-general of the Army Aviation during a ceremony held at Combat Army Aviation Training School in Nashik.

“Captain Barak became the first woman officer to join the Army Aviation Corps as combat aviator after successful completion of the combat Army aviation course,” an official told PTI.

In 2020, the Navy announced deploying its first batch of women pilots on the Dornier maritime aircraft.

In a significant move, the Army in 2019 began the process of inducting women into the military police.

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