Vitamin B12 deficiency: Study finds personality disorder,

It is unimaginable to link vitamin deficiency with neurological disorder. However, vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to several neurological side effects. A 2018 research study had found a rare combination of acute exacerbation of psychiatric manifestations, brain atrophy, severe anemia with coronary insufficiency, and premature graying of hair in a 55 year old man deficient in vitamin B12.

The patient was presented with complaints of irrelevant talk for 10 days. He was advised coronary angiogram by the cardiologist as there was evidence of coronary insufficiency in his electrocardiogram, the study report says. His memory was disturbed, judgment impaired, had a changed personality as he had become isolated, apathetic, and withdrawn. He was also unwilling to think and depressed, the report adds.

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