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Vastu tips for happy married life: Are you and your spouse fighting for no apparent reason? Do you find yourself in a messy relationship despite trying your best and working on your partnership? Do you want a happy married life, but feel it won’t be ever possible, thanks to the constant fights? While every relationship goes through its ups and downs and even though there are different reasons why a relationship doesn’t or does work, did you know that even the Vastu of your home can affect the bond you share with your wife or husband? Experts say that it’s very important to have a proper balance of energies in your bedroom, kitchen, and overall home to have a happy relationship, understanding, compatibility, and bond with your partner. Zee News Digital spoke to  Gurudev Shrie Kashyap, founder/chairman of All India Institute of Occult Science and True Vastu, about the changes one needs to make in one’s home to ensure a happy love life!

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If you are not getting along with your partner, here are some Vastu tips that you can follow for a happy married life, as suggested by  Shrie Kashyap:

1) As per Vastu, a couple’s bedroom should not be in the southeast direction. Southeast is the fire zone – this will hinder peace and will lead to aggressive behaviour. Again for the same reason, don’t have conversations with your partner in the southeast direction. Doing this will increase fights and unnecessary arguments with your partner.

2) As per Vastu, make sure to keep your bedroom neat and clean. In your bedroom, there should be no garbage or broken things kept. Deck up your bedroom with flowers, candles, and fragrances for a harmonious relationship.

3) As per Vastu, the best direction for romantic conversation with your partner is the north-northwest direction.

4) Newly married couple’s bedroom should be in the north-northwest direction while a senior couple’s bedroom should be in the southern direction.

5)  As per Vastu, do not have a dish-washing sink and gas stove in one row. Water and fire should always be partitioned.

Of course, a relationship works on trust, respect, and understanding but as Gurudev Shrie Kashyap points out, these Vastu tips can help in increasing love in your married life and strengthening your bond.





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