US Rep Santos competed as drag queen in Brazilian beauty pageants, claims acquaintances

Two acquaintances of US Representative George Santos on Wednesday claimed that the latter competed in Brazilian beauty pageants as a drag queen 15 years ago, adding to contrasts which drew criticism over the staunchly conservative opinions of the gay Republican congressman.

The embattled congressman Santos has also been asked to step down by his fellow New York Republicans after he faced allegations of fabricating his history and career. 

A Brazilian performer, aged 58, who has been using the drag name Eula Rochard, claimed that she became friends with the now-congressman when Santos was cross-dressing in 2005 while participating in the gay pride parade which was being held for the first time in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro’s suburb, 

Rochard said that Santos took part in a drag beauty pageant in Rio de Janeiro three years later.  

Another associate of Santos from  Niteroi, who refused to be named, said that he took part in the drag queen beauty pageants and was aiming to become Miss Gay Rio de Janeiro.

Santos supports ‘don’t say gay’ bill of Florida

Santos is the first gay Republican who won clinched a seat in Congress, however, he has placed himself as someone with staunch conservative ideas on various social issues.

He supported the “don’t say gay” bill of Florida which prohibits any kind of discussion on gender identity and sexual orientation in the classroom. 

Responding to the criticism he received for supporting the bill, Santos said, “I am openly gay, have never had an issue with my sexual identity in the past decade, and I can tell you and assure you, I will always be an advocate for LGBTQ folks.”

WATCH| US: George Santos rejects calls to resign, refuses to step down

Rochard called Santos a “poor” drag queen wearing a simple black dress in 2005, however, she claimed “he came back to Niteroi with a lot of money” in 2008, wearing a flamboyant pink dress. 

She added that  Santos took part in a drag beauty pageant in 2008. However, he faced defeat. “He’s changed a lot, but he was always a liar. He was always such a dreamer,” Rochard added. 

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