US: Man detained in case linked to executions of Chinese nationals at Oklahoma marijuana farm

Officials on Tuesday arrested a 45-year-old man in a case related to the killing of four Chinese residents at a marijuana farm in rural Oklahoma on Sunday night. According to the authorities, Wu Chen was arrested in Miami, Florida. 

The state’s bureau of investigation had revealed that bodies were found after police received a call of a hostage situation in northwest Oklahoma, near the town of Hennessey. 

As per the official release, Wu was arrested just before 4 pm (local time) and transported to the Miami-Dade County Detention Center. He will face murder and shooting with intent to kill charges. The release also mentioned that Wu is awaiting extradition to Oklahoma. 

Local police revealed that Wu apparently entered a building at 05:45 (local time) on Sunday. There were “several employees” inside at that time. 

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation revealed that the suspect remained “inside that building for a significant amount of time before the executions began”. 

Although, medical cannabis is allowed in Oklahoma, but so far it is unclear whether or not the farm was licensed. 

Three men and one woman were killed and a fifth person was rushed to the hospital. The police could not notify the families of the victims because of the “significant language barrier”. 

As per the authorities, there appears to be some connection between the suspect and those who died. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Cpt Stan Florence told the Associated Press news agency on Monday: “Don’t know if they’re related or if they’re co-workers, but certainly these individuals were, we believe, all familiar with each other.” 

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