Traders’ pulse stock being monitored by government

The government is keeping a watch on the stocks of pulses held by traders and processors, as current supplies are just enough to meet demand.

The strict monitoring of stock started after the mill gate price of tur dal jumped 6-7% a couple of weeks ago due to disturbance in shipments from Africa. The prices have since softened by Rs 5-6 a kg to Rs 104, after the Indian government resolved the shipments issue with Mozambique.

In a letter dated November 7, the consumer affairs ministry asked all states to ensure that traders, millers, importers and stockists disclose their stock holding. States were also asked to keep a close watch on the disclosed stocks and prices.

The central government’s direction comes even as tur output during the harvest season starting December is expected to be lower than the previous season.
Following the Centre’s letter, the government in Maharashtra, which is a large centre of production, processing, trade and import of tur, convened an online meeting of all the stakeholders of the value chain on Wednesday.

A letter addressed to the stakeholders said: “The central government has brought it to the notice of the Maharashtra government that tur dal is being illegally hoarded in the state on a large scale.”

The central government wants every trader and miller to update the stocks regularly on its portal, said Vivek Agarwal, an importer of pulses in Maharashtra.

Tur dal prices had jumped following news that seven ships carrying tur from Mozambique to India were stranded at the ports, said Suresh Agarwal, president of the All India Dal Millers’ Association. “However, after the central government resolved the issue with the government of Mozambique, three ships have already arrived in India, while the remaining are on the way.”

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