‘Traces of suspected cocaine’ found at Liz Truss’ former official residence

Traces of suspected cocaine, a Class A drug in the United Kingdom, were found at Chevening House, the grace-and-favour home of Liz Truss when she was the UK foreign secretary.

Chevening House is a 115-room mansion, traditionally granted to the foreign secretary, and its upkeep is funded by a trust established by an act of parliament. A grace-and-favour home refers to a residential property designated for a democratically elected government’s senior official or minister during their time in office.

According to a report in The Guardian, staff found a “white powder” after summer parties at Chevening House, which also had Truss’ political allies in attendance. Members of staff found traces of a white powder on two occasions towards the end of the Tory leadership contest. They were allegedly discovered following gatherings that Truss hosted for her allies over the weekends of August 19-21 and September 2-4.

A spokesperson for Liz Truss has clarified that the claims were “categorically untrue”.

“If there were evidence that this alleged activity had occurred during her use of Chevening, Ms Truss would have expected to have been informed and for the relevant authorities to have properly investigated the matter,” a spokesperson for Liz Truss said in an official statement. 

A staff member told The Guardian that they had tested the powder using a swab that changes colour when it comes into contact with cocaine.

Earlier in April 2021, in one of the Downing Street parties that constituted the wildly consequential “partygate” scandal, it was reported that cleaning staff at 10 Downing Street found deposits of white powder in bathrooms and on a table in the offices. There was no conclusive investigation into the claim.

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