‘Titanique’ celebrates 25th anniversary of ‘Titanic’ with special Off-Broadway

‘Titanique’, which is an acclaimed Off-Broadway musical that turns one of the greatest love stories of all time into a hysterical and joyful slay-fest, held a special performance on Tuesday to both mark the 25th anniversary of James Cameron’s hit film ‘Titanic’ as well as the show’s re-opening after relocating to the Daryl Roth Theatre.

The laugh-out-loud musical starts with Céline Dion trying to hijack a Titanic Museum tour  recharting the course of the film’s beloved moments and characters with her iconic track ‘My Heart Will Go On’.

The musical breathes joyful comedy into the tragic love story. We also see Dion as a character on the show. She interjects herself into Jack and Rose’s love story in the most hilarious way.

Dion is played by the glorious Marla Mindelle, who doesn’t just mimic her infamous tone but also nails her effervescent personality. The show has been co-created by Mindelle, co-star Constantine Rousouli (who plays Jack) and director Tye Blue.

“We do different things in the show each night,” Rousouli told People at a post-show gathering. “Marla, particularly, is genius when it comes to thinking of those things on the fly. There’s a part of the show where she tells a different story each night, and Carrie St. Louis (Rose) and I have to act it out. Tonight, she told a true story about Cameo requests Carrie had been getting where she was asked to pretend she was a giant. None of us had any idea that was coming.”

“You can’t do that sort of thing on Broadway,” Rousouli added. “We kind of take the rulebook for traditional musicals and throw it out the window.”

Described as a “one-of-a-kind musical voyage bursting with nostalgia and heart”, ‘Titanique’ recently relocated to Daryl Roth Theatre in New York City. 

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