Sunny Deol replaces Anil Kapoor in ‘Jisne Lahore Nahi Dekha’: Patch Up with

They both said in 2017 that the want to work with each other again but nothing materialised. At times, they brushed off the question whether they’ll work together again. We all know that Deol and Santoshi had a bitter fallout after they gave us ‘Ghayal’, ‘Ghatak’ and ‘Damini’. The reason for that friction has never been confirmed; theories have floated but they are all speculative.

Okay, so finally get ready for Deol to star in a Santoshi film. Remember you read it here FIRST and EXCLUSVE.

The film is titled ‘Jisne Lahore Nahi Dekha’, the same dream project of Santoshi which was supposed to star Anil Kapoor.

Deol has indeed kissed and made up with Santoshi, so much so that he has been going all out to find a producer for the film. So, let’s tell you who is most likely to produce the film. It’s going to be a joint effort by Deepak Sharma (Distribution Head of PVR) and Rajiv Malhotra (Director of MuktaA2). Both Sharma and Malhotra have loved the script penned by Santoshi, which is complete in all respects.

The film was supposed to be toplined by Anil Kapoor, way back in 2017. But Santoshi and Anil have apparently had a change of mind on their collaboration. Anil is no more a part of the film and Sunny will lead the cast.

Sharma and are trying to get a studio on board because the canvas of the film is such that it needs good financial backing. The response they’ve got so far is encouraging.

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