Stranded without food, water! Elizabeth Hurley vents her fury at British Airways

Hollywood actress Elizabeth Hurley, who has played pivotal roles in ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘Serving Sara’, and ‘Bedazzled’, took to social media on Monday to slam British Airways after her flight from Antigua was delayed for over 20 hours. 

To vent her frustration and share her ordeal, she penned a tweet, which read, “Stranded at Antigua airport with no food or water, taxis or hotels offered yet. Plane delayed 20 hours.” In another tweet, she wrote, “Still stranded- no food, water or hotel. Pretty dodgy service.”

In her third tweet, the actress shared, “Still nothing from @british_airways. Extraordinary service! Finally, managed to find a taxi ourselves to escape the airport after more than 12 hours with no food or water #avoidflying.” Take a look!

Responding to Elizabeth’s second tweet, the airline wrote, “We’re experiencing delays to some of our flights due to a technical issue with our flight planning. We’re sorry for the disruption to your journey, we’re urgently investigating this so that you travel as soon as possible.”

Elizabeth was among several other passengers who found themselves stranded at airports due to some technical error that triggered the mass flight delays in British Airways, across the United States and the Caribbean, on Monday.

The problem got resolved by Tuesday. And, after the resolution, the airline tweeted, “Our teams have now resolved a temporary issue that affected some of our long-haul flight planning systems overnight, which resulted in delays to our schedule.”

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