Starbucks staff in US go on strike over negotiating union contracts

United States Starbucks employees went on a strike at a number of unionised shops on Thursday; the walkout was intended to affect more than 100 stores and was in response to the coffee giant’s strategy for negotiating union contracts. 

The Starbucks Workers United-led one-day walkout dubbed the “Red Cup Rebellion,” fell on a popular holiday when retailers gave away reusable cups with certain purchases. 

Staff distributed red union cups to interested clients in place of the branded ones. 

Near Times Square in New York, workers could be seen holding signs for Starbucks Workers United, a group that advocates for almost 7,000 employees nationwide.

“It’s something that is worth fighting for,” said Jay Tosa, an employee, to AFP. 

According to a statement from Starbucks Workers United, the action is being taken “in response to Starbucks’ union-busting tactics and refusal to bargain.” 

Workers wanted the freedom to form a union without being intimidated, the organisation added. 

The union expressed concern over pay and inconsistent scheduling, saying, “Unless Starbucks comes to the table and bargain in good faith for a fair contract, we can count for this to happen again.”

(with inputs from agencies)

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