Shah Rukh Khan on Argentina’s win: ‘Thank u Messi for making us believe’

FIFA World Cup between France and Argentina has been one of the most thrilling football matches the world has ever witnessed. The entire world celebrated the big win of Lionel Messi, who picked up his first gold trophy. Many Bollywood celebrities had flown down to Qatar and enjoyed the nail-biting match.

Shah Rukh Khan was also among the celebrities who went to Qatar to cheer for his favourite team, Argentina. A day before, during his 15-minute “Ask SRK,” Khan was also asked to share which team he wanted to see win the 2022 FIFA World Cup final. Answering the question, the actor said that his heart is with Argentina but added that France’s Kylian Mbappe is a treat to watch.


After the big win, the ‘Pathaan’ actor also penned a congratulatory note for Messi. His tweet reads: “We are living in the time of one of the best World Cup Finals ever.” I remember watching The Wonder Years with my mom on a small TV. Now the same excitement is with my kids! And thank u #Messi for making us all believe in talent, hard work & dreams!!”

Promoting his upcoming film ‘Pathaan’, King Khan appeared in the live pre-match show where he did his signature open arms pose along with Manchester United’s player, Wayne Rooney. 

The video of him went viral on social media.

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