Senior Congress Decision Makers Hardly Fight Elections: Prashant Kishor Raises Major Concern

New Delhi: Electoral strategist Prashant Kishor informed the Congress’ top brass that the main concern is that members of the party’s decision-making bodies are all nominated, not necessarily linked at the grassroots, and hardly contest elections, news agency IANS reported.

In the context of the 2024 general assembly elections, Kishor suggested: “a pan-India avant-garde campaign to reach, connect and mobilise all of India for a mega movement leading to the reincarnation of Congress and election of a transformational government.”

According to Kishor, 45 per cent of votes are necessary to win, implying a target of 30 crores.

He noted that the BJP and its leaders now outperform Congress in terms of digital awareness in the country.

Kishor has advised Congress to develop a cohesive platform to offer strategic support and resources to non-political influencers and wage a prolonged campaign against the current dispensation, with the theme “India Deserves Better.”

“Preserving the soul, creating a new body,” Kishor stated in his presentation about “Reincarnation of Congress.”

The campaign is inspired by Nataraja’s symbolism of Creation, Protection, Liberation, Destruction, Concealment, and Connect.

The resolutions include the formation of a new Congress that will serve as the people’s preferred political platform.

Kishor stated in his presentation that an attitude of entitlement, a lack of accountability, and sycophancy must all be eliminated.

It observes that, for the first time, Congress leadership does not appear to be totally unified in terms of goals, strategy, technique, approach, tactics, and the path forward, resulting in a complete lack of coherence, at times confusion, and deadlock.

It implies that a non-Gandhi Working President/Vice President is needed who can successfully function on the ground as directed by Congress leadership.

It argues for a Congress Plus coalition with a national character comprising 5-6 partners.

With a few regional coalitions like the NCP, DMK, JMM, YSR Congress, and TMC, the Congress should fight 75-80 per cent of Lok Sabha seats.

Kishor has advocated for identifying and genuinely engaging 15,000 grassroots leaders and activating 1 crore foot soldiers across India in order to strengthen the organization’s structure.

The subject “India Deserves Better” would be used to create a cohesive platform to give strategic support and resources to non-political influencers and wage a sustained campaign against the governing regime.

(With IANS Inputs)


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