Scientists develop a solution for foggy spectacles

Glasses are weird, you pay to see stuff other people can see for free. They’re also annoying as the pandemic has proven again and again. Wearing masks was mandatory and apparently so was the fogging up of our glasses. But scientists may have discovered a way to stop this from happening once and for all.

A team of researchers at one of Switzerland’s top universities ETH Zurich have come up with a transparent nano-coating that can stop spectacles from fogging up in humid conditions.

This coating which is made using gold harnesses sunlight to heat up the glasses which then stops them from fogging. It doesn’t need any batteries or other components.

Its use is not just limited to spectacles but can also possibly be utilised in car windshields etc. However this is still under testing, but the researchers contend that the applications of this coating are endless.

“Our coating absorbs a large proportion of the infrared radiation, which causes it to heat up – by up to 8 degrees Celsius,” explained ETH doctoral student Iwan Hächler, who as per Mirror UK was a driving force behind the development of this groundbreaking technology.

The approach used by this technology differs from traditional anti-fog methods, which fulfil their purpose by coating surfaces with hydrophilic or water-attracting molecules, that cause an even spread of condensation.

(With inputs from agencies)

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