Save $130 on a Eufy 2C security camera bundle

eufy 2C outdoor camera


It’s common to gift headphones, laptops, and even televisions during the holidays, but you can also give the gift of peace of mind. Right now, the Eufy 2C security camera bundle is on sale for $130 off the original price. You can score this camera system for only $300.

The 2C smart cameras offer 1080p HD video playback, capturing a 135-degree diagonal viewing angle. In addition to the great field of vision, the camera records HD night vision, so you can see clearly outside your home at any time of night. 

The wireless battery cameras can last up to 180 days on a single charge, making them easy to install and leave for extended periods of time. A quick 5-hour charge will boost it back up for another six months, too. You won’t even need a subscription with this camera set. It comes with an in-home smart hub, so your content will be stored there, eliminating the need for a subscription service.

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The outdoor cameras come with an IP67 weatherproof rating, so they can withstand the elements. The smart motion detection turns on when the sensors spot humans, but not pets or small animals. Plus, they are easy to install, so you won’t need a professional to put them up.

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In the home hub, you’ll get 16 GB eMMC storage that can store three months of playback. For peace of mind, you’ll also get advanced encryption to keep your data private, and you can integrate these cameras into your Amazon Alexa Smart Home.

You can get this set on Amazon for the $300 price tag if you’re a prime member, or you can head over to the Eufy website to score the bundle for the same price with code WS2488831118

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