Russia to appoint musicians at front lines of its Ukraine war to boost morale

Russia announced that musicians will be deployed at the front lines of its ongoing Ukraine war so as to boost the morale of fighting soldiers. 

This week, the formation of a “front-line creative brigade” was announced by the defence ministry, which it said would include both musicians and vocalists. 

The creation of the musicians’ brigade was highlighted by the UK’s Ministry of Defence in its intelligence update on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Russian frontline troops present in Ukraine were visited by Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, stated the government. 

The defence ministry posted a statement to Telegram which said Shoigu “flew around the areas of deployment of troops and checked the advanced positions of Russian units in the zone of the special military operation”.

The statement added that the minister “spoke with troops on the frontline” and at a “command post”. The minister’s visit comes at a time when UK defence officials claimed that low morale has become a “significant vulnerability across much of the Russian force”.

The UK stated that the musicians’ brigade, which is to be deployed soon after a campaign took place appealing to people to donate musical instruments to army troops, is similar to how “military music and organised entertainment” was historically used to boost the army’s morale.

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The UK authorities, however, questioned if the musicians’ brigade would distract the army troops who are concerned about “very high casualty rates, poor leadership, pay problems, lack of equipment and ammunition, and lack of clarity about the war’s objectives”.

The Russian outlet RBC news reported that the musicians’ brigade would include candidates mobilised under the recruitment drive of Russian President Vladimir Putin along with “professional artists who voluntarily entered military service”.

The outlet added that the new unit will be given the task of maintaining “a high moral, political and psychological state (among) the participants of the special military operation”. 

(With inputs from agencies)

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