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‘Tree Full of Parrots’ is a Malayalam film directed by Jayaraj. It narrates the story of an eight year old boy Poonjan who is not an ordinary boy. He earns a living by doing small jobs like fishing in the back waters and looks after his family consisting of a drunkard father, grandfather and great grandfather. His mother eloped with another person years back. One day while fishing Poonjan saw a blind man sitting alone in the Boat yard who seemed to have lost his way home. He is demented, and only remembers a certain tree full of Parrots in front of his house. An attempt to report this man in the police station was futile. On the way through River banks he enquired, but nobody was able to guide them. Disheartened with the outcome of their journey, Poonjan was about to give up on the quest. Right then, he heard the sound of a parrot which lead him to the “tree full of parrots “!

At last Poonjan decided to find the way back to the Blind man’s house by trying to spot the tree full of Parrots. Although the blind man’s son and daughter-in-law extended a warm welcome, something seemed fishy. Poonjan’s suspicion was confirmed when he overheard their conversation. While selling their current home and moving to a new one, they were hoping to get rid of the blind man. Through the conversation it became evident that they consider the blind man a burden, one that needs to be discarded.

While leaving Poonjan said goodbye to the blind man and got on to the boat. However, knowing what he knows about the blind man’s fate, Poonjan’s conscience refused to leave him alone. Without anyone’s knowledge, he decides to invite the blind man on the journey back. Poonjan, accompanied by the blind man, rows the boat into the horizon.

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