Right to salvation

Intellectuals and scholars say that one may attain salvation by dint of one’s knowledge and intellect. Those who are karma yogis, that is, those who follow the path of actional cult, say that one will attain salvation by dint of action.

Salvation means emancipation of permanent nature. Now you know all are children of the Supreme Father. All the children of the same father cannot have the same intellectual standard – it is impossible. But that does not mean that those who are intellectually backward will not get His bliss or grace. So, this idea is a defective one – that one is to attain Him by dint of one’s intellectual knowledge or intellectual stamina. A father cannot neglect his son who is intellectually backward.

Not just this. Till recently, there was a defective idea among all the people on the earth that males are blessed beings and females are not. In your family life, you know, you feel that the parents cannot have any disparity between sons and daughters. Both are equally important; both are equally loving. I said my sons and my daughters are just like my two hands. They are like wings of a bird. A bird with one wing cannot fly.

All are equally blessed human beings, and those ideas that by dint of one’s intellect, one will get Him, are defective, as is the idea that one can attain Him by dint of actional cult. In the realm of actionality, every one does not have equal status. Anyone who is weak, physically, mentally or in spiritual vitality, too has the birthright to attain salvation.

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