Reveller escapes death during bull-racing after three fatal attacks; WATCH

Viral video: Man narrowly escapes fatal attacks during terrifying bull race; internet stunned

Man narrowly escapes a bull who almost dated into him. Videograb: Twitter/News18

Bull-running festivals are widely celebrated in several parts of the world, especially in Spain where people come together to participate and witness the event in large numbers. This is also considered one of the most dangerous festivals as there are high chances of injuries, and even death. Escaping the long horns of the animal is one lucky moment for the risk-taking revellers. One such instance has now piqued the internet’s attention. A video that has been making the rounds on social media shows a man escaping not one but three deadly attacks by bulls during the festival.

The video has clearly proved how the man perfectly cheated death three times in a matter of seconds. As the video opens, it shows a man dressed in black competing in the race. As he is being chased by massive bulls, it is not long before a bull pushes him to the wall. However, as he manages to avoid the first blow, another one comes in and takes him down.

This time as well, the man manages to escape the attack and before he could be attacked the third time by a bull dashing towards him, the man runs toward the fence and immediately jumps to the other side.

During the entire incident, the viewers can be heard shouting at the man and asking him to save himself. Some also clapped as he escaped the attack in the end.

Take a look:

The viral video has received thousands of views and also amassed several likes and comments. A user wrote, “Wow. Like watching a road runner and coyote cartoon. Lol” while another person commented, “No, someone was very stupid but didn’t die.”

Notably, similar incidents have been reported several times during such festivals. Recently, during the annual Spanish festival in July this year, another man escaped death after he was mauled by a bull during the race. While the man sustained a few injuries, he managed to free himself and was saved.

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