Republicans say priority is to investigate Biden and his family’s business dealings

After clinching the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, the Republicans have announced they will investigate President Joe Biden’s family as a “top priority”. They have said the focus will be on overseas business dealings of the president’s son, Hunter Biden. 

“In the 118th Congress, this committee will evaluate the status of Joe Biden’s relationship with his family’s foreign partners and whether he is a President who is compromised or swayed by foreign dollars and influence,” Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, said at a news conference.

The lawmakers also said that connections between Hunter Biden and the president have been made which they think require further investigation. They further said their inquiry will aim to determine how much was Joe Biden involved in his son’s business dealings, especially when he was the vice-president.

Comer suggested that they have spoken to several whistleblowers who say they were involved in schemes linked to the Biden family and  have reviewed Biden’s laptop. They have received “previously unknown transactions” after such reviews.

Comer said they are seeking more than 100 bank activity reports, known as Suspicious Activity Reports. These reports are allegedly related to the Biden family. He informed that the Treasury Department ignored his repeated requests for the reports to be handed over to him when the Republicans were in minority. 

Comer said that the president lied to the people about his involvement in his family’s business dealings. 

“The president’s participation in enriching his family is, in a word, abuse of the highest order,” Comer said.

Hunter Biden has been accused of crimes including tax evasion and wire fraud, but no immediate plans to summon him to testify have been announced.

(With inputs from agencies)

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