Ranveer Singh ko gussa kyun aata hai, the actor REVEALS, ‘Insincere people make me

Ranveer Singh is an unbridled sensation of energy and every public appearance he makes is infused with his characteristic pomp and verve. It’s like he’s a man on a mission to entertain and make people laugh and smile 24×7. But, we at ETimes, are very curious about the dark side. Does the affable Ranveer ever get angry? What buttons piss him off? We posed this question to the star during a recent interaction for his upcoming film Cirkus. Before Ranveer could answer his director Rohit Shetty offered a never-heard-before insight.

Check out the full interview below:

Rohit Shetty revealed what irks Ranveer Singh on a film set. He said, “Ranveer ko gussa isiliye aata hai, kyunki ye bahut zyada perfectionist hai (Ranveer gets angry because he’s a perfectionist). The problem arises because not every person can be as dedicated and perfect as Ranveer. When the actor in front of him is unable to match his rhythm and speed, it affects him. That’s when he gets irritated and angry. He’s always on point on everything when his work is concerned. Off camera he’s totally chilled out.” Ranveer agreed with this assessment.

We asked Ranveer if he’s ever had moments on the set when he’s felt like having an outburst. He nodded his head and revealed, “When you’re on set, you have to consciously cultivate patience. Because on set, you’re in a leadership position. Like you’re the director or the lead actor, if you end up shouting or creating a ruckus, it will affect the environment of the entire set. That situation becomes very difficult to fix. I always believe one should avoid doing that on set. There is an energy flow on set because multiple people, not just actors, technicians included are coming together to work on a singular cause. There is an active energy exchange between 100-200 people. To contaminate that energy flow is not advisable.”

The question still remained unanswered though. Ranveer did finally sum up and say, “When I see someone being insincere, that makes me angry.” He also explained that whether his emotions are good or bad, it’s in his nature to put it out with all his heart. Ranveer explained, “I am a free flowing person, I am very expressive. When I am happy and I have to express love that happens at 100 percent and opposite feelings also come out at 100 percent, too. But I feel it’s a very unhealthy emotion.”

To this Rohit Shetty added a warning and revealed, “Jo insaan zyada gussa karta hai aur chillata hai na, woh insaan dil ka saaf hota hai (People who often get angry and have loud outbursts have a clean heart). Those guys who keep smiling 24 hours a day, are the scary ones. Jisko gussa nahi aata hai na, uss se bachke rehne ka (You should be wary of those people who don’t get angry).”

Finally Ranveer summed up his choice of not giving his anger a free hand and said, “I firmly believe that the energy that you put out, gets multiplied and comes back to you. So I believe in putting out good vibes and good energy.”

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