‘Putin wants to kill us and we want to live’, says former Ukraine President

As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its eighth month, former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to erase Ukraine and those trying to find a compromise, should instead focus on negotiation. 

“Those who try to find a compromise with Putin should understand the following. Putin wants to kill us and we want to live. Putin wants to erase Ukraine as a state, as a nation from the world map. And we want to have our state. We want to move it to European family,” said Poroshenko in an interview with Fox. 

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The Ukrainian leader, however, added that the time to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin was now and the recent unearthing of the mass grave site outside Izium could be a ‘good starting point’ for it. 

“The best negotiator, the best diplomat for this negotiation, is armed forces of Ukraine, who is supported by the whole world. Putin understands only strength and our unity,” said Poroshenko.

“Please don’t trust Putin. I have five years of experience with him for negotiation. And please don’t be afraid of Putin. Learn from Ukraine. Keep strong. Keep together. And we throw Putin and Russian troops away from Ukrainian soil.”

As reported by WION, the Ukrainian forces in September pushed the Russian troops away from the city and recovered a mass grave site that had more than 1,100 bodies. 

Officials stated that 99 per cent of the exhumed bodies found at the burial site had signs of violent death, meaning the Russian troops tortured and mutilated them when killing. 

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The Russian troops attacked Izyum in April and according to witnesses, over 100 were killed in the first assault as Russian bombs were hurled. However, through sheer perseverance, Ukrainian troops have managed to push the Russian forces and managed to regain significant ground, forcing Putin to call for partial mobilisation of troops. 

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