Plant the right seed

The Law of karma is the overarching law that applies universally to all human beings. It states that every thought, emotion or action has an equal and opposite reaction. It is infallible, like the law of . Ignorance of the law does not exempt you from its effects.

To commit an act and hope to get away with it is like dropping a stone in water and expecting no ripples. Karma comes from the Sanskrit root ‘kr’ that means ‘to do’. Action is the pivot around which life revolves. Every volitional act has a result. Driven by greed, hatred and selfishness, you plant seeds of suffering and misery. Motivated by generosity, love and wisdom, you create abundance and happiness for yourself.

Once an apple seed is planted, it will bear apples, not mangoes. No amount of beseeching, manipulation or bargaining will produce mangoes. The only way to get mangoes is by planting mango seed. Similarly, if you want happiness, you need to sow the requisite seeds. Cultivate a charitable mindset, be loving and forgiving, gain clarity of thought. And happiness will be the result.

You cannot be hateful, vicious and negative and expect to be happy. People think, feel and act recklessly, without regard to the consequences, and when the result comes, they complain. It is like going to a restaurant and ordering a dish, but when it is brought to the table, you say you do not want it. You can choose not to eat it but pay for it you must.

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