Perfect gifting options for your partner based on different LOVE LANGUAGE

Gift ideas for your partner: The five love languages are words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. These are five different methods to express and receive love. Not everyone expresses love in the same way, and similarly, different people prefer to receive love in different ways. 

Gary Chapman, PhD, created the idea of love languages in his book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. In this book, he outlines these five distinct ways of expressing love, categories he condensed from his expertise in marriage therapy and linguistics.

Jordan Green, Licensed Therapist and founder at ‘remble’ took to Instagram and shared a detailed post on “Gift Ideas for the 5 love languages”. Jordan whose Instagram handle reads has been sharing mutual love and growth content for a very long time and particularly focuses on the ways to promote more love, harmony and communication in romantic relationships concerning behavioural knowledge.

1. Physical touch

The love therapist suggests if your partner’s love language is physical touch i.e. he/she prefers to hold your hand a lot or those constant head massages then you should think of 

– booking a spa

– Putting together a 5 sense blanket

– Couple’s body paint

– Book an acro yoga or dance class together

2. Words of affirmation

If your partner sends motivational, inspirational or wise words with the regular “good morning” and “good night messages” then your partner’s love language may be words of affirmation. To such a partner you can 

– Write love letters or poems

– Create CD with songs that describe how you feel

– Engraving jewellery with a sweet note

– a stuffed animal that allows you to record your voice

3. Quality time

When your partner prefers to stay home and cook for you instead of going out or taking you away for a weekend getaway or a staycation then they love spending quality time with you and that is their love language as well. You can gift your partner:

– Tickets to a concert

– Book a vacation and stay at a local Airbnb for the weekend

– Scavenger hunt

– Games for stay-at-home game night

4. Acts of service

If your partner feels at peace and loved only after they have sat down with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee when you helped or completed all the household chores then acts of service is their love language. You can choose from gifts like:

– Create a DIY coupon booklet which they can redeem (task #8- do the laundry together, task #27- go for dance night)

– Cook their favourite food

– Let them sleep in and make breakfast in bed

– Organize their closet/room


5. Gifts

When your partner loves being extravagant and bold with a bouquet of 100 roses or creating cute gift combos with your favourite things then their love language is that of gifts. Here are some gift options that you can give them the next time you want to surprise them:

– A flower box subscription for every month

– Hide 20 gifts and give them one by one every day of the month

– Drop a hidden note next to their coffee mug every morning

– Be very presentable with your gifts and choose the cutest wrapping paper

Jordan says,” One of the best ways to ensure you’re giving a gift that someone will appreciate is tailoring it to their love language…Consider saving this post to come back to for gift ideas around the holidays or birthdays! “

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