Over 60% population in China may be infected by Covid in the next three months: Top epidemiologist

Since the Xi Jinping administration relaxed lockdown regulations, China has seen a large increase in COVID-19 cases, overwhelming hospitals in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai. An epidemiologist and health economist named Eric Feigl-Ding tweeted a warning on Monday, predicting that “about 60 per cent of China’s and 10 per cent of the Earth’s population would likely be infected during the next 90 days,” with “likely (be) in the millions” of fatalities.

THERMONUCLEAR BAD –  Since limits were loosened, hospitals in China have become utterly overloaded. More than 60 per cent of China and 10 cent of the global population, according to epidemiologists, are expected to contract the disease during the next 90 days. deaths in the millions, in the plural.

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Feigl-Ding tweeted, “This is just the start,” along with a video of dead bodies being heaped in hospital rooms and hallways. According to media accounts, including one by The Wall Street Journal, crematoria intended for Covid victims have now again been overrun with the dead, evoking sights similar to the virus’s original onslaught.

Feigl-Ding alleged that the Communist Party in charge of China intended to “let whoever needs to be sick, infected, let whoever needs to die, die.” Early fatalities, early production peaks, early infections, and early production resumes.

One of the main causes of the increase, according to the epidemiologist, was China’s ‘weaker’ immunisations, which were reportedly unable to provide protection against changing Omicron strains.

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The epidemiologist also mentioned how cremations are ongoing in Beijing and issued a caution about overcrowded mortuaries. “2,000 corpses waiting to be cremated despite 24-hour funeral services. Any resemblance? It’s spring 2020 all over again, but this time China is imitating a more Western-style strategy to mass infection “He tweeted.

Furthermore, China’s National Health Commission has also clarified that only Covid-19 patients who die from respiratory failure will be included in the official death toll, as reported by the South China Morning Post. 

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