On weapons supply to Ukraine, Russian envoy says the US could go to absolute madness

The United States is seeking to deliberately escalate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine by transferring increasingly powerful weapons to Kyiv, Russian ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said on Friday. 

“Washington sees no boundaries in seeking to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia. The transfer of increasingly powerful weapons to the Kiev regime is a deliberate escalation of the conflict by the United States,” the Russian embassy quoted Antonov as saying. 

Washington is playing its ‘Ukrainian card’: Russian envoy

Antonov said that the Biden administration has put almost everything on the ‘Ukrainian card’. They include — Antonov claimed further — Washington’s own international authority, the money of American taxpayers, and the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. 

“At this rate, the United States could go to absolute madness, like giving fighter jets to the republic,” Antonov added. 

“Washington is de facto inciting its proteges to attack Russian regions. For us, there is no difference when we talk about a possible attack by Kiev criminals on the Zaporozhye or Bryansk regions, Crimea or the Smolensk region. All the lands that became part of Russia by the will of their inhabitants are our Motherland and we will defend it with all our might,” the Russian diplomat warned.

The Pentagon on Friday announced the expansion of its military aid to Ukraine. The latest tranche of Washington’s military aid to Kyiv also includes Ground Launched Small Diameter Bombs (GLSDB), a weapon with a range of around 150 kilometres. The Pentagon estimates suggest that the United States has spent over $29.3 billion in military aid for Ukraine since the launch of Russia’s special military operation starting February 24 last year.

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