Need To Change Science Of Policing, Important For Police To Become Tech-Savvy: Amit Shah

New Delhi: Union Home minister Amit Shah said on Friday that it is imperative that the police have to stay ahead of criminals and they have to become tech-savvy. Shah was speaking at the All India Police Science Congress (AIPSC) in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Shah inaugurated the 48th AIPSC which is organised by the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D). He added that there is a need to “change the science of policing.”

Shah was quoted as saying by news agency ANI, “The time of British era ‘danda-based’ policing is over. Now, it’s imperative that policing is done on the basis of knowledge, evidence, and logic. We have to change the science of policing.”

“It is imperative that police have to be ahead of the criminals, they have to become tech-savvy. Until knowledge of technology percolates to the constable level, we won’t be able to tackle modern-day criminals,” he further added.

Shah further highlighted the ways in which scientific processes have been helping in maintaining law and order in the country.

“There were lingering problems like Kashmir issue, leftwing extremism & narcotics & armed groups in the northeast. They were a threat to our internal security. Modi govt addressed all these issues scientifically & took measures diligently,” he said.

The two-day event of AIPSC is being held at the Central Academy of Police Training (CAPT) in Bhopal. As per Anupama Nilekar Chandra, the director of BPR&D, “The main objective of this prestigious national event is to provide a common platform to various police forces, units, social scientists, forensic experts, and other stakeholders to deliberate on selected themes of topical interest to the Indian police.”

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