Morocco comes to India’s rescue in fertilisers as China bans export of key component

Morocco, one of the key African states, has come to New Delhi’s rescue, after China suspended exports of a key component to manufacture fertilisers essential for Indian farmers.

India has turned to Morocco to secure fertilizers after China suspended the export of ammonium phosphate, a key component in the manufacturing of fertilizer.

Over the weekend during the visit of Fertiliser Minister Mansukh Mandaviya Morocco, Morocco’s phosphate giant OCP Group announced signing a deal with India to supply New Delhi with 1.7 million metric tonnes of phosphate-based fertilizer over the coming 12 months.

Under the deal, OCP Group will supply India with 700,000 tonnes of fertilizer. The fertilizer would be tailor-made to meet the needs of the plants and crops they are intended for. The Moroccan fertilizer producer is set to provide another one million tonnes of fertilizer directly to the Indian farmers, according to a statement by OCP.

Through its agreement with Morocco, India wants to secure a long-term supply of rock phosphate, which is a necessary raw material for making diammonium phosphate (DAP) and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK), ET has learnt.

The shipments are expected to increase yields and raise the income of Indian farmers, according to OCP statement. With the deal, OCP and India have “entered into a strategic partnership to enhance food security, underlining their common ambition to benefit innovative and sustainable agriculture,” according to OCP statement.

The Morocco-India agreement covers a number of joint initiatives in the field of research and development (R&D). The joint R&D aims to develop innovative solutions that would increase fertilizer efficiency, sources told ET.OCP adopts a unique approach that leverages innovation to reduce the cost of production while using raw materials sustainably. In Africa, the company deploys state-of-the-art mobile laboratories to sample the soil and optimize its fertilizer production.

Morocco has not just been a key player in the Arab World and a voice of moderation for decades but also a major African power with significant outreach to Europe and the USA. Two decisions in last few years – USA acceptance of sovereignty of Morocco over Moroccan Sahara and reactivation of ties between Israel and Morocco have further enhanced Morocco’s geo-political role.

During the last few years not less than 23 Ministerial visits took place in both ways and more than 43 agreements / Memoranda of Understanding have been signed and India and Morocco are working together for further cooperation in matters of New Technologies, space, defence, intelligence, Counter-terrorism, etc

Today Morocco stands as the second largest African investor in the continent and the first African investor in the West African region. It is from this perspective that Morocco is open to develop joint initiatives and investment with India towards Africa as the two countries are enjoying a positive image in the continent. India has assisted Morocco’s reentry into African Union few years back.

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