Monument of 18th century Russian General pulled down in Ukraine’s Mykolaiv

As Russia’s war in Ukraine continues, a monument of the 18th-century Russian General Aleksandr Suvorov was pulled down in Ukraine’s southern city of Mykolaiv on Wednesday. A video shared by news agency Reuters on Thursday showed a crane lifting General Suvorov’s monument off its pedestal and onto a truck to carry it away.

Earlier this month, the monument was attacked by red and green paint. 

WATCH | Monument of 18th century Russian General pulled down in Ukraine’s Mykolaiv city

It is not yet clear who removed the monument. Reuters reported that local authorities apparently had not sanctioned the move. 

It was installed in 2010 in one of the universities in Mykolaiv city to mark the 280th birth anniversary of General Suvorov. 

Apart from Mykolaiv, another statute of the general in Ukraine’s southern town of Izmail was removed at the beginning of this month. 

Born in November 1730, General Aleksandr Suvorov was one of the most famous generals of the Russian Empire and has been intensely used in Russian propaganda. He is called one of the founders of southern Ukraine. 

Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine will soon enter the 11th month. In the latest news, the Ukrainian military warned on Thursday that Moscow is preparing for a long war. 

“The Kremlin realises that in short-term perspective it is impossible to achieve victory in the war, thus seeking to turn the conflict into a prolonged armed confrontation aimed at the exhaustion of Ukraine and our partners,” Brigadier General Oleskiy Gromov said during a press conference in Kyiv, Reuters reported. 


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