Mexico: Woman booed for disrespecting sacred ancient Mayan Pyramid

In an extremely disrespectful incident, a woman is being condemned widely for dishonouring a Mayan sacred site in Mexico’s Chichen Itza. This after the woman dared to trespass on a Mayan pyramid by climbing its stairs and performing dance at the top of the pyramid. The entire incident took place at the Kukulkan Pyramid which is also known as El Castillo. The pyramid is 30 meters high and has 365 steps, which symbolises the number of days in one year. For those who don’t know, it was built sometime between the 8th and 12th centuries AD, by the pre-Columbian Maya civilisation, and is considered one of the most remarkable constructions across the globe. While earlier visitors used to climb up its stairs, in early 2000 the curb was implemented to avoid any damage to the structure and injury to people.

Now, the incident, which has grabbed all the attention, came to light after a Twitter user shared a video that was originally shared on TikTok by a user named Angela Lopeze. While sharing the video, the Twitter user wrote in the caption, “A disrespectful tourist climbs an ancient Mayan pyramid in Mexico and gets booed”. The video opens by showing the camera zooming in on a woman, who can be seen speedily stepping up the stairs of the sacred structure, while people in the background are whistling and shouting at her. Then after a cut, the video shows the woman coming out of the opening at the top of the pyramid, while the crowd at the foot of the massive structure can be heard booing her. Without feeling any shame or the realisation of her mistake, the woman then dances at steps, with the intention to tease the guard who climbed a few stairs to ask her to come down.

After a moment, the woman can be seen coming down, however, the crowd wasn’t happy with her actions and started chanting “carzel, carzel” continuously, which in English means Jail. The crowd turned so agitated that when the guards were taking her along, the people surrounded her and started throwing water and empty bottles at her. Taking to the comments section, one user shared another video from a completely different angle, which shows some of the women present in the crowd coming closer to the culprit and pulling her hair.

While the woman has been widely criticised for her actions, several users also pointed out the violence by the crowd, which was intended to hurt the culprit. One user commented, “Obviously she was wrong to jump the fence and disrespect the monument, but it’s also kind of terrifying how quickly mobs can form. It looked like some people were physically trying to get at her. This is a phenomenon of group behavior that shouldn’t be treated lightly.”

So far, the video has been played more than 46 lakh times and has garnered over 1.2 lakh likes.

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