Matter 1.0 means Black Friday is the perfect time to start your smart home

Ever tried to get a Ring doorbell to work alongside an Apple smart speaker? Or an Echo speaker to pair up with a Nest speaker? Chances are you didn’t get very far. Smart home devices may have exploded in popularity and adoption over the past several years, and a new effort to integrate different devices into one standard is set to push the market even further into the future.

But these devices can be expensive, and building a system with the best smart home devices (opens in new tab) designed for your specific needs can be even more so. Thankfully, events like Black Friday make it far more feasible to do this on a budget, and you can check out our guide to the best Black Friday deals this year for the best bargains. And if you’re still not sure how Matter will actually change things, keep reading.

Black Friday deals on Matter-compatible products

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