Manoj Bajpayee’s mother passes away, actor posts a heartfelt tribute

To lose one’s parent, no matter when and at what age can be devastating for a child. Considering that we always depend on our parents in some way or the other, even if we are reach late adulthood, speaks volumes about their importance in our lives. Actor Manoj Bajpayee recently lost his mother on December 8 and posted a long note for her on his IG handle, pouring his heart out.

Starting off,
The Family Man actor wrote, ” A tribute to an IRON LADY, my Mother! That’s what I call her! A Mother of six children and wife to the most gentleman farmer! She protected her family from all the evil eyes and intentions of this unforgiving world and supported her husband in fulfilling every child’s needs while sacrificing her own dreams. She was an alpha woman who ruled her world with an unflinching eye! wish I could go back in time to see my mother grow into the amazing strong-headed individual that she was!”

Saying that he will always be in her debt, the
Satya actor further said, “I am forever indebted to her, for her innumerable contributions to our lives. Her selfless love & dedication was incomparable. Her unwavering support during my days of struggle has given me the strength to never give up. Her words of encouragement will always remain with me, and I will pass those on to my children. I am a reflection of her.”

Recalling the life lessons his mother taught him, Manoj wrote, “She taught me the value of never giving up in the face of the most traumatic circumstances and fight it out till the sun sets! Her efforts, sacrifices, selfless love, & hard work has shaped what we have become today. She is a forever friend who has been a pillar of strength every step of the way.”

He finally wrapped up the obituary and said, “Your love and spirit continue to serve as a guiding force for the entire family, MAI! You and Babuji will always reside in our hearts. I have been so blessed and fortunate to have you as my mother. Mai, until we meet again 🙏🏻My mother, Smt Geeta Devi, passed away on the 8th Dec 22 at the age of 80. Please keep her in your prayers, Om Shanti 🙏🏻.”

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