Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi Announces Theme For International Yoga Day- Yoga For Humanity

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 89th edition of Mann Ki Baat on Sunday at 11 am. 

During his radio address to the nation, he talked about the start-up culture of India and the importance of a mentor in the same. He also shed light on the upcoming International Yoga day for which the countdowns have been going on across the world. 

Here are the highlights from the Prime Minister’s Mann Ki Baat today.

He said that “Today, India’s start-up ecosystem is not limited to just big cities, entrepreneurs are emerging from small towns and cities as well. This shows that whoever has an innovative idea in India can create wealth.”

Talking of the same, he talked about the Thanjavur dolls made by women’s self-help groups. 

“I also have a request to the listeners of ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Find out which Women Self Help Groups are working in your area. You should also gather information about their products and use these products as much as possible,” he said. 

He also talked about a Santhali professor named Tudu Shripathi who translated the constitution of India into the Santhali language. 

“Shripati Tudu ji says that our constitution makes every citizen of our country aware of their rights and duties. Therefore, it is important for every citizen to be familiar with it,” he said.

PM Modi then talked about the Char Dham Yatra which began on May 3. He said that he has come across many social media posts where people complained about the garbage piles on their way to the pilgrimage. 

“You will also get a lot of inspiration from Mr. Manoj Banjwal ji, a resident of Rudra Prayag. Manoj ji has taken up the task of caring for the environment for the last twenty-five years,” he said.

“Apart from running the campaign of cleanliness, they are also engaged in making the holy places plastic-free,” he added.

He also talked about World Environment Day on June 5. He urged the people to plant trees and motivate others for the same. He said, “the world celebrates 05th June as ‘Environment Day’. Let’s pledge to plant trees and motivate others too.”

He also announced the theme for the upcoming International Yoga Day on June 21. He said, “My dear countrymen, next month on 21st June, we are going to celebrate the 8th ‘International Yoga Day’. This time the theme of ‘Yoga Day’ is – Yoga for humanity. I would urge all of you to celebrate ‘Yoga Day’ with great enthusiasm.”

He also talked about the different themes for international Yoga Day across the world. 

“this time I have come to know about some very innovative examples being held on ‘Yoga Day’ in the country and abroad. One of these is Guardian Ring – will be a very unique programme,” he said. 

“Indian missions in different countries will organize yoga programs at sunrise according to the local time there. The program will start from one country to another. The continuous journey will go on from east to west, then like this, it goes on. will remain,” he added. 

“The streaming of these programs will also be added one after the other, that is, it will be a kind of Relay Yoga Streaming Event. You too will definitely watch it.”

The Prime Minister then talked about his Japan visit recently and said that the Japanese people have an incredible interest in Indian culture. 

“One of them is Hiroshi Koike, who is a well-known Art Director. You will be very happy to know that he directed the Mahabharata Project,” he said.

The project has been going on for the last nine years, he added. 

“Hiroshi Koike ji does everything in a very different way. Every year, he travels to a country in Asia and produces parts of the Mahabharata with local artists and musicians there,” he added. 

“The special thing is that each performer speaks in their own mother-tongue and the choreography very beautifully showcases this diversity and the diversity of music makes this production more alive,” he added. 

“Hiroshi Koike-ji brings together artists who have had a diverse background in Classical and Traditional Asian Performing Art. Because of this, there is a variety of colors in their work,” he said. 

He then talked about Ram Bhupal Reddy from Andhra Pradesh who donated his entire retirement for the education of girls. “”He opened accounts for about 100 daughters under ‘Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana’, and deposited more than 25 lakhs of his rupees in it,” he said. 

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