Madhya Pradesh: Policeman Strangulates 6-Yr-Old For Asking Money To Buy Food In Datia

New Delhi: A policeman in Datia district of Madhya Pradesh allegedly killed a six-year-old boy for repeatedly asking him for money to buy food. The incident happened during a Rath Yatra in the district, said the police on Wednesday, reported news agency ANI.

According to the police, constable Ravi Sharma allegedly strangulated the boy in Datia after being repeatedly asked for money to buy food. He then put the body in the boot of his car and drove back to Gwalior before dumping the body at an abandoned place.

“The boy repeatedly asked Ravi Sharma (Police Constable) for some money to buy food, but the cop refused to give money and drove the boy away. But the boy came again and asked for money. The policeman in a fit of rage strangled the minor to death,” said Aman Singh Rathore, Datia Superintendent of Police, as reported by ANI.

On interrogation, constable Ravi Sharma said he was suffering from depression, and the constant nagging by the boy for money to buy food enraged him to take such a step.

“During the investigation, we found CCTV footage in which Ravi Sharma’s car was spotted passing by the crime scene. Sharma said he was sent on duty during the Rath Yatra in Datia. He returned to Gwalior with two other police constables in his car,” Rathore was quoted as saying by ANI.

The Dati SP Aman Singh Rathore has written to the state police headquarters demanding dismissal of the accused cop with immediate effect.


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