Macron, Biden vow to coordinate on the ‘challenge’ of China, pledge support for Ukraine

United States President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron vowed Thursday to coordinate on the “challenge” of China and called for stability on the Taiwan Strait.

“The United States and France will continue to coordinate on our concerns regarding China’s challenge to the rules-based international order, including respect for human rights, and to work together with China on important global issues like climate change,” said a joint statement issued by the White House.

The two leaders also pledged to support Ukraine in its war against Russia and to hold Moscow responsible for war crimes.

The two reaffirm “support for Ukraine’s defense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, including the provision of political, security, humanitarian, and economic assistance to Ukraine for as long as it takes,” they said in a statement.

Biden and Macron also pledged to uphold the “unwavering” alliance between the two countries during the latter’s visit to the White House on Thursday. Macron was greeted by service members from the army, marines and the air force. 

“France is our oldest ally, our unwavering partner in freedom’s cause,” Biden told the reporters. 

Macron also emphasised on the friendship between the two countries that dates back to the US independence struggle and said that “we need to become brothers in arms once more.” 

The relationship between the two countries have suffered a bit in the recent past with Macron blaming Biden’s economic policies for an inevitable trade war. The Inflation Reduction Act or IRA will see an investment of around $4 million into environmentally friendly industries but several European countries have expressed their concern as it can possibly lead to a race to invest in the green economy sector. 

“The consequence of the IRA is that you will perhaps fix your issue but you will increase my problem. I’m sorry to be so straightforward,” Macron said on Wednesday according to Reuters. 

However, Biden has maintained that the IRA will not pose any threat to the European companies. 

According to AFP, one of the major topics of discussion will be the rise of China on the global stage and the alliances it has forged in the Pacific Islands. “Europe has since 2018 its own, unique strategy for relations with China,” tweeted French embassy spokesman Pascal Confavreux in Washington. 

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