Lock Upp: Shivam becomes 1st finalist, Munawar breaks jail properties

NEW DELHI: Munawar Faruqui lost his cool during a task on the ongoing reality show ‘Lock Upp’ and ended up breaking property on the sets of Kangana Ranaut’s show. The show is streamed on ALTBalaji and MX Player. 

Each contestant named on the chargesheet for eviction this week is given a balloon that they need to protect from others. The contestants are expected to find and burst balloons of their co-contestants. As everyone ran around to hide their balloons, Prince Narula could be seen saying, “The game has begun, give us some time.”

Shivam was then seen looking for a balloon before he found Ali Merchant’s and burst it. Payal Rohatgi was seen rushing inside the bathroom to save hers. Prince was next seen asking Shivam Sharma and Anjali Arora to burst Munawar’s balloon. Both of them agreed and Anjali hugged Prince.

Munawar was seen pulling at a rod near the bathroom, trying to save his balloon. Prince and Munawar are seen fighting with each other, both holding each other’s hands and trying to stop each other. Munawar then told Prince that he’d do the same with everyone else and Prince said he should. Munawar also told Anjali, I may hurt myself but I will break that door.”

At the end, all the balloons get burst and Shivam was then given the power to save one person from the charge sheet. 

However, Munawar was not an option for Shivam as he was punished for breaking property of the jail. Shivam was told, “You get the power to save one contestant who is in the chargesheet. However, Munawar damaged the jail’s property so he is not an option.”

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