Khan Sir Under Fire Over ‘Suresh-Abdul’ Viral Video, Congress Demands Arrest

The Congress party has come heavily on Bihar’s famous Khan sir for an old video where he is speaking about the difference in meaning between ‘Suresh’ and ‘Abdul’ if they fly a plane. In the video, Khan tells students how the meaning of ‘flying a plane’ changes if one replaces ‘Suresh’ with ‘Abdul’ if a sentence. 

The video has ignited a controversy with people demanding action against him. 

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate reacted to the video tweeted by an author demanding his arrest. 

In the video, Khan is teaching children how one sentence can have two meanings if one word is replaced by other. He says, “If Suresh flies a plane, it means he is flying the plane but, if you say Abdul flies the plane, it has a different meaning…” 

Tweeting the video, author Ashok Kumar Pandey said, “This is called the limit of meanness. Such people are cheap businessmen who spread hatred in society while doing the business of education. This man should be arrested immediately.”

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