Jammu & Kashmir Revokes Restriction On District Magistrates To Issue Fresh Arms Licences

New Delhi: After more than four years, the restrictions imposed on the District Magistrates in Jammu and Kashmir for issuing fresh individual arms licenses has been revoked with immediate effect, according to a recent order from the Home Department of the Government of J&K.

The order by the government read, “In supersession of Government Order No. 922 – Home of 2018 dated 12.07.2018, it is hereby ordered that the restriction imposed on the District Magistrates in the UT of J&K, for issuing fresh individual Arms Licenses, is revoked with immediate effect.”

All the concerned including District Magistrates (Licensing Authorities), besides following the provisions of the Arms Act, 1959 and Arms Rules, 2016, have been asked to adhere to the additional conditions.

The fresh conditions require the District Magistrates, while considering an application for grant of individual Arms License, to necessarily obtain an Aadhaar Card as proof of identity.

“The District Magistrates shall ensure that they entertain only such applications for grant of license or for accessing any other service from an applicant, who is a resident of that particular district and in no case they shall either grant a license or renew a license of an applicant not residing within the jurisdiction of their district,” read the order.

“For ascertaining the area of residence of an applicant, a specific report from the Police, certifying the same, shall be obtained by the District Magistrates before processing any application,” according to the order.

“In no case, the District Magistrates shall deviate from the Rules 17 & Rule 24 of Arms Rules, 2016, concerning addresses of the licensee,” the order further read.

The order said the DMs shall obtain a report from the CID wing of the J&K police, regarding the character and antecedents of the applicant, in addition to the police verification prescribed under Arms Rules, 2016.

“For the purpose of above verification, the Special DG CID, J&K shall constitute a committee under his Chairmanship to examine each case for grant of individual Arms Licence, keeping in view the prevailing security environment and a report in this behalf shall be forwarded by the CID to the District Magistrate concerned (under intimation to the Home Department), for appropriate consideration, subject to fulfillment of the relevant conditions laid down in Arms Rules, 2016,” the order added.

Magistrate to any authority subordinate to the licensing authority in violation of Arms Act 1959 and Arms Rules, 2016.”

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