Jaipur Man Kills Aunt, Chops Her Body Into Pieces To Dump Across City

New Delhi: In a similar incident to the ‘Shraddha murder case’, a resident of Jaipur allegedly killed his aunt and then chopped her body into pieces, police said on Saturday. The accused, identified as Anuj Sharma, chopped off the body of the deceased, Saroj Sharma, into 10 pieces and dumped them at different places near the Delhi highway, PTI reported.

Virendra Kulin, SHO, Vidhyadhar Police said, “The accused is around 32-year-old and had done BTech. He was associated with one Hare Krishna Movement since 2013 and was working with ISKCON until recently.”

According to police sources, as of now, eight body pieces of the victim have been recovered and the accused has been sent to the police remand till December 20, the ANI reported.

Initially, the accused tried to mislead the police by informing them that his aunt was missing and also started looking for her along with other relatives, the police said.

But in the CCTV footage, he was seen leaving his house with a suitcase. A relative had also seen him cleaning blood stains near the kitchen of the house, PTI reported.

“Accused Anuj Sharma had lodged a missing report at Vidyadhar Nagar police station on December 11 about his aunt. Later, during the police interrogation, some blood stains were found in the house and on questioning, the accused said that it was caused by a nosebleed due to the cold weather,” ANI reported quoting DCP North Parish Deshmukh.

“Initially we had been treating this as a missing report case until we found a CCTV video in which the accused was seen dragging a heavy suitcase on the afternoon of December 11,” the Police further stated.

However, police got suspicious of him and interrogated him, following which he revealed that he bludgeoned his aunt to death with a hammer on December 11.

The police arrested accused Anuj Sharma alias Achitya Govind Das (33) on December 13.

According to reports, Sharma had been associated with ‘Hare Krishna’ movement for the last seven-eight years.

However, a spokesperson of the organisation in Jaipur said Sharma was not active for the past one year after the death of his mother, PTI reported.

Police said that on the day of the murder, Sharma’s father had gone to Indore and the accused and the victim were alone in the house. 

Sharma wanted to go to Delhi but his aunt refused which led to a heated argument and he hit her with a hammer, police further said.

The police stated that the incident took place in the kitchen. The accused then dragged the body to the bathroom and cut it into eight-10 pieces with a marble cutter.

According to Vidhyanagar Police, the accused allegedly killed his aunt by hitting her with a hammer on the head because of her controlling behaviour towards him.

“During the interrogation, Anuj revealed that his aunt used to dominate him since childhood, which he did not like. On December 11, the accused asked her permission for going to Delhi for an event, to which she refused. Anuj could not control his anger and hit her on the head with a hammer leading to her death,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Paris Deshmukh said.

“The accused took the body parts in a suitcase and dumped it at separate places on Delhi highway. Most of the body parts have been recovered,” Deshmukh added as reported by PTI.

The incident is similar to the murder of a 27-year-old girl, Shraddha Walker, allegedly by her live-in partner in Delhi. 

(With inputs from agencies)

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