Jahangirpuri Violence: Businesses Take A Hit As Most Shops Remain Shut, Movement Restricted

New Delhi: A week after violence erupted in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri due to communal disharmony, businesses are still being affected in the area as shops still remain closed and there is no business even if they are open, reported news agency PTI. While the police say that they have not stopped anyone from opening the shops, the locals emphasize that barricading is the main hurdle for them.

As per a report by PTI, shopkeepers in and around the violence-hit C block of Jahangirpuri said that there is no business due to barricades and that is the reason they are not opening the shops. 

However, some movement was permitted in the region as locals including school students were seen using the barricaded roads and passing through Kushal Chowk on foot, PTI reported.

Though, vehicular movement is still restricted despite the situation remaining calm after the members of both communities declared to restore peace and harmony in the area during a meeting of the Aman committee. 

Security personnel can still be seen manning the roads however, the numbers have reduced significantly. 

As per PTI, during the Aman committee meeting on Friday, DCP (northwest) Usha Rangnani had urged the people to maintain peace and clarified that she never stopped the opening of shops.

“I have never stopped the shops in H and G blocks of Jahangirpuri from opening. I do not know why these shops are closed. We will facilitate the opening of shops and businesses in these blocks,” she underlined.

Despite this, a majority of shop owners told PTI that they are not opening their shops as there is no sale due to barricades. 

Akbar, the owner of a mobile shop at Kushal chowk, alleged that he was stooped by the police in the morning when he came to open his shop. 

“I came in the morning to collect something from the shops, but I was stopped. So I returned home,” he said.

Another shop owner, Saddam, who runs a shop beside Akbar’s, said he was not aware that he can open the store.

Meanwhile, a senior Delhi Police official reiterated that no one is being stopped from running their business in the region.

Manjeet, who runs a Dhaba (food stall) at Kushal chowk, told PTI that there is no business as roads are barricaded, adding that he is planning to open the shop after Eid.

“The workers have already left for their villages. There is no point in opening the establishment now as nobody will come because the roads are barricaded,” he said.

He also expressed hope that the situation will get better in the coming days and all shops will be opened.

A pet accessory shop owner in H block, Rajesh Mishra said, “A food stall was opened here on Friday, but the owner had no sale for the whole day and the entire food got wasted. So there is no point in opening shops as of now.”

Violence broke out in Jahangirpuri on April 15, between two groups during a Hanuman Jayanti procession. The police are still investigating the case and have arrested 22 people in relation to the case. While two main accused have been sent to police custody, others are judicial custody for two weeks. 

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