If you were in Elon Musk’s shoes…

Put yourself in Elon Musk’s shoes. You have a lot of money. So much so that you’re not just the richest person in your family but you’re also the wealthiest chap in the neighbourhood – a full-blown tony neighbourhood. Then you buy something prit-ty, prit-ty expensive that, according to your well-wishers, is really a distraction, not even something you really wanted, except to momentarily indulge yourself. You’re paying in instalments because, even for you, it’s a deep-pocket buy. But now, in front of friends, family and neighbours, it’s izzat ka sawaal. In any case, what you’ve bought has already been delivered with a no-return policy. So, you sell a decent part of your (very valuable) furniture you actually use to pay part of the EMI for your impulse buy. You probably will sell more furniture, maybe your modular kitchen as well, to pay the rest. Not only are you no longer the richest lala in the ilaka – you’re now the second-richest – but you’re probably the spark who’s lost the biggest amount of money in the history of money-losing.

You’re still very rich. But you’ve started worrying where all this will lead to. A riches-to-expensive rags story is a horrifying prospect. But you wake up from your disturbing reverie to realise you’re wearing your chappals, not Musk’s shoes. The sense of relief will keep you happy for a long time.

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