Heart Attack Symptoms: “What are the warning signs of an

For 65 year old Jan Marie Brown, who was in perfect health, having a heart attack at the age of 47 was a remote thought.

“I was a 47-year-old female in excellent health. Perfect blood pressure, no history of high cholesterol, always healthy. I woke up that day and felt like I had heartburn, something I just do not get. It was a pain in my esophagus just below my throat,” writes Jan on Quora.

“The best way I can describe the pain is it felt like someone was trying to force a coke bottle down my throat. Like the bottle was about to split my esophagus open. About two inches below the notch in my collar-bone. Really closer to my throat than to my chest and smack in the center,” she describes her symptom in a long post.

As she was waiting at the laboratory for a blood check up, writes Jan, she started sweating profusely. “I wasn’t hot, I was just sweating. I got out of the car, thinking the cool morning air would help, but when I stood up I felt very weak. A few minutes later it got hard to breathe. I couldn’t get a good breathe in. It suddenly dawned on my I was having a heart attack!, she writes.

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Jan had coronary spasm. “I’m 64 now, have not had any issues since. I do take a very low dose of a blood pressure medication to prevent another spasm, even though I have great blood pressure,” she writes.

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