‘Harry and Meghan’ re-share same story once more, putting the blame on Prince

For all who have keenly followed the Harry and Meghan saga right from the time Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were quitting their roles in the royal family and moving to the US, the latest episodes of their docuseries ‘Harry and Meghan’ may seem repetitive. 

The first three episodes that premiered on Netflix on December 8, had the couple speaking about the toxic paparazzi culture that Meghan had been a victim of. In its latest episodes (the next three), the couple continues to put the blame on the media, and this time even point fingers evidently towards the ‘institution’ which is basically the royal family. 

The show has Hollywood actor Tyler Perry, Tennis superstar Serena Williams and other friends of the couple speaking out on the trying times that the two went through and the incidents that led to their decision to move out of the UK and to any place where they could find their privacy. Perry, it is revealed in the series, offered the couple his home in Los Angeles to stay ‘as long as they wanted to’ amid uncertainty. 

For those who have followed the saga for the last few years, the episodes simply recall the incidents that led to Harry and Meghan’s decision. Here too it seems evident that the media drove Meghan to depression and even suicidal thoughts during her first pregnancy while they lived in Kensington Palace. 

Since the beginning of the series last week, it is evident that the couple has had a toxic relationship with the media. While they have fed off each other over the years, the docu-series attempts to tell that it was the toxic media culture that led to the ‘Megxit’. It is important to note that the couple has used the same media to always publicise and promote their various charitable causes and now even their own story. 

The new episodes (Episode 4-6) attempt to then look at how Buckingham Palace failed to provide any sense of security and safety net that the couple had so desired. Just like the first three episodes, the next three too had them speaking in pronouns while calling the family the ‘institution’. The only time the two seem to put their guards down is while blaming Prince William, Harry’s older brother. 

Harry reveals that when the initial conversation of them moving out of the UK began, behind closed doors William reportedly screamed and shouted at Harry and their father, King Charles failed to be the peacemaker. The docuseries seemed to just re-affirm a fact that has been in the public eye for a while – that the relationship between the two brothers has soured over the years. Harry and Meghan also allege, indirectly of the curse, how the late Queen Elizabeth had been silent about their problems even though initially she had offered to sit down and speak to them. Both Meghan and Harry seem to mince no words while speaking or implying about Willliam. On other occasions, vague terms like members of the royal family, institution, they and they are used to speak of Harry’s family. At one point the two even praise King Charles calling him ‘charming’. 

While their story is all too familiar and known, it also reeks of privilege. Harry and Meghan decided to move out to find their own identity, to become financially independent and of course safeguard their privacy. But throughout their documentary, no mention of what they do to lead a lifestyle- that many would term as opulent- is mentioned. The couple, since their exit, has signed multi-million dollar deals with Netflix, cracked a book deal, and started their production house and that’s never mentioned. The series also appears extremely one-sided, highlighting the goodness of Meghan and Harry, never really telling the other side of the story.

‘Harry & Meghan’ docu-series is an old story re-hashed. It makes them appear as privileged, tone-deaf rich kids who have never had to work a day in their lives to earn the money that they now use to support various ’causes’. They are vague, and ambiguous and may have been targeted by the vile media but also leveraged the most out of the publicity. Think about it, how many couples in this world can afford to walk out of a financially influential family and live an equally comfortable life without thinking about the financial implications? 

Harry and Meghan’s story has been done to death. They have already spoken about their problems in great detail to the world through various platforms. Maybe with the docuseries, they will finally be able to bring closure to their troubled past with the royal family and live the life they have dreamt of living for so long. Let us all finally, move on from this chapter. 


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