Google went DOWN! No Google Search, Maps, Photos, YouTube in morning

Google and all its services went down in the early hours of August 9. The services are now back.

Google and most of its related services had gone down in the early hours of August 9. The massive outage had appeared, rendering the Google Search, Google Maps, Google Photos, and YouTube inaccessible to thousands of users. The outage appeared at 6:37 AM IST and it peaked at around 7:00 AM IST. However, Google was quick to address the issue and now, all of these affected Google services are back online. Google is yet to issue a statement on why the outage appeared.

Several users across the world encountered the Error 500 message, thereby unable to access all these services. Users were unable to access Google Search, Google Maps, Google Photos, YouTube, and a couple of other Google services. The outage was brief though and within an hour, all these services were back.

As always with most outages, users were quick to jump on social media and address their concerns. There were some hilarious memes as well.

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