Google heading towards launching its own chatbot technology in response to ChatGPT?

Google is likely to launch its own chatbot technology in the public in “the coming weeks and months” as a response to ChatGPT’s success after the artificial intelligence chatbot – backed by Microsoft – emerged as a global phenomenon after it was made available to people free of charge.

Chief executive of Google’s parent company Alphabet Sundar Pichai said that AI’s use had reached an “inflection point” and that the company is “extremely well positioned” in this field.

Pichai talked about the two large language models which the company has developed, LaMDA and PaLM, as the former is ready to be released in the public soon.

CNBC had earlier this week reported that an AI chatbot which shares similarities with ChatGPT is being tested by Google and is called Apprentice Bard, in which LaMDA technology is being used.

LaMDA came into prominence last year after an engineer was first suspended and then dismissed by Google after he claimed that LaMDA was “sentient”.

Google had called the claims of Blake Lemoine about LaMDA, which is an acronym used for dialogue applications’ language model, “wholly unfounded”.

In a conference call held with the investors of Alphabet, Pichai said, “In the coming weeks and months, we’ll make these language models available, starting with LaMDA so that people can engage directly with them.”

Pichai also indicated that Google is likely to integrate chatbot technology. “Very soon, people will be able to interact directly with our newest, most powerful language models as a companion to search in experimental and innovative ways,” he added.

A set of LaMDA demo was released by Google last year as part of an “AI Test Kitchen”.

Alphabet’s UK-based AI unit DeepMinds’ achievements were also flagged by Pichai as he stated that its database of “all 200m proteins known to science has been used by 1 million biologists around the world”.

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University of Oxford’s computer science professor Michael Wooldridge said that OpenAI had “put a firework” under the world’s big tech companies after ChatGPT’s release

“They achieved that with a fraction of the number of employees of big tech companies, which must have caused consternation in Silicon Valley boardrooms. My guess is we’ll see a massive pivot in other big tech companies towards large language models and generative AI – and a frantic rush to get products to market and secure a user base,” the professor stated.

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