France, UK back India’s bid for a permanent seat on UN Security Council

On Friday, France reaffirmed its support for India as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. This comes after the United Kingdom also extended its support for permanent membership of New Delhi among the four countries, receiving mounting support from Veto members. 

“France endorses the candidacy of Germany, Brazil, India and Japan as permanent members for permanent seats,” said Nathalie Broadhurst Estival, France’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN while addressing the UN General Assembly on the annual debate on UNSC reform. 

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France’s envoy has also called for “greater representation” from African countries among the permanent members as well as remaining seats for “equitable geographical representation.” The debate was about the ‘Question of equitable representation on an increase in the membership of the Security Council and other matters related to the Security Council’. Furthermore, Broadhurst said that to preserve its executive and operational nature the UNSC permanent members could have up to 25 members. 

She further explained that the objective of the UNSC must remain twofold – to consolidate the Council’s legitimacy and “to strengthen its capacity to fully assume its responsibilities in the maintenance of international peace and security.” France’s deputy permanent representative also stated that the question of veto is “eminently sensitive” and stressed that it is up to the State requesting a permanent seat to decide on the matter. 

“It is in this spirit that France proposed, as early as 2013, that the five permanent members (China, France, US, UK, and Russia) of the Council voluntarily and collectively suspend the use of the veto in case of mass atrocities. This voluntary approach does not require a revision of the Charter but a political commitment by the permanent members,” said Broadhurst. 

This comes after the UK’s Ambassador to the UN Barbara Woodward also extended their country’s support for the inclusion of G4 countries’ (India, Germany, Japan and Brazil) membership bid as well as permanent African representation on the Council. 

UNGA’s annual debate with representatives reiterated their calls for the expansion of the 15-member council and reform to make it more transparent, inclusive, representative, accountable and effective on the world stage amid crises. 

(With inputs from agencies) 


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